Work with me

Depending on what YOU need, here are the different ways I can work with you.

  • A little bit of one-off advice and counsel.
  • A three-day work weekend to get you started and on your way.
  • Six to twelve months of regular support and guidance. Includes regular calls each month, access via text and email, and quick panic calls if needed. 
  • A two or three-year commitment. This is the beauty of a trusting partnership.  We both know Rome wasn’t built in a day, and getting you to 5x or 10x your revenues with a healthy bottom line does take time.  For special clients, I will adjust the level of the ongoing fees in favour of some back-end percentages of earned revenue.  Obviously, this is not an arrangement entered into lightly.  For the right client, it works magically and ensures we BOTH give it our very best.

If this sounds like something you could use

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